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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  August 2, 2014 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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but the news of the moment, the house voted on the second of two border bills and passed by a vote of 216-192. that does it for us tonight. as rachel would tell you if she were here, weekends with alex wit is up next. cause of death, how a new york man died as police brought him to the ground. hear what police are saying about the incident. no let up in gaza. new fighting as the fate of an israeli soldier remains a mystery. and the story surrounding his disappearance keeps changing. drama to the last minute on capitol hill as congress scrambles into its recess. what exactly was accomplished. it is not bridgegate but one issue could be looming for a political pit fall for governor chris christie.
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good morning, everyone. here's what's happening right now. sharp words from president obama for congress addressing a wide range of issues. >> they can't even pass their own version of the bill. so that's not a agreement between me and the house republicans. that's between the house republicans and the house republicans. in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 we did some things that were wrong. we did a whole lot of things that were right. but we tortured some thinfolks. it has to be able to get at the rockets and tunnel network we have also been clear that innocent civilians in gaza caught in the cross fire have to weigh on our conscious and we have to do more to protect them. >> kristin welker is at the
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white house. the president had a lot to say on the wide-ranging issue. what happens next there? >> well, first to what happened late last night, house republicans did pass a piece of legislation, alex. but it has absolutely no chance of passing through the senate. it's just not going to get enough support. the white house called it a show vote, said it wasn't serious. it was just pure politics. on friday, president obama signaled he is prepared to act alone. he had asked for $3.7 billion to deal with the crisis at the border. the senate was considering a piece of legislation that would have given him about half of that, legislation that the house passed was only for $659 million, alex. so not nearly what the president was asking for. he signaled he is ready to act alone in that regard. not clear how much he will divert without congressional help. based on my conversations at the
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white house, he is preparing to announce some type of executive action to deal with the issue. advocates urging him to go big. based on my conversations he's not shying away from that. he is considering what steps to take next. important to note, alex, this congress went auto recess five weeks that they will be spending on recess without getting anything significant done on this crisis at the border. of course 52,000 unaccompanied minors have come to the u.s. in recent months. >> right. right. next topic, israel and hamas. what's next in the step for the u.s. in trying to broker peace? >> well, it's a big question mark. they released that israeli soldier. that was one of the precipitating factors that led to the recent cease-fire. president obama urging both sides to work together and
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reiterated the right to defense itself. they traveled to the region, has been working the the phones nonstop. the take away is president obama sounded incredibly pessimistic about a short-term resolution. you will see secretary kerry and president obama working together. but there is an element of realism. it seems as though the white house doesn't think that will will happen in the near future. alex. >> kristin welker at the white house, thank you for that. >> thanks. >> one of two americans who contracted the ebola virus is on a plane to the u.s. to receive treatment. it's still unclear whether the doctor brantley or nancy is the patient on the plane. they are prepared to treat them in a special designed unit for those with infectious diseases. sarah, with a good morning. walk us through the steps once
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the plane arrives on u.s. soil >> reporter: well, this airplane is set to arrive at dobbins air reserve base. once on the ground, the patient will be whisked away, rushed to emory university hospital where they will be placed inside this specialty unit, one of just four in the country. it was designed in collaboration with the cdc headquartered in atlanta. it is completely separate from the rest of the hospital that. includes not only the patient rooms but it has its own laboratory for test results, things like that. doctors yesterday in a press conference, alex, assured the public that there is no risk to any other patient at the hospital, visitor or member of the medical staff. >> okay. so we have one of the two patients. is there any word on when the other may be arriving? >> reporter: we're told just a few days after the first arrival. we will be expecting that second patient. that specially designed airplane with the plastic tent, medical
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workers, hazmat suit can only hold one person because of the design. we're unsure which of the two americans will come first. >> all right. sarah, thank you for that live report. we appreciate it. meantime, the family of a new york city man who died after being placed in a choke hold by police will be holding a rally and speaking publicly just a few hours from now. it comes a day after the medical examiner ruled homicide, saying the choke hold was a contributing factor in his death. amateur video capturing the incident on staten island after they thought he was selling loose cigarettes. after his death, the officer who put the choke hold was stripped of his badge. another officer was placed on desk duty. new york city mayor issued a statement saying, i remain absolutely committed to ensuring that the proper reforms are enacted to ensure that this won't happen again.
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law enforcement analyst jim kavanaugh is joining me now. new yorkers really outraged by eric bonner's death. they think the officer should face criminal charges. how likely is that? >> i think it is very likely, alex. the coroner's report is a major building block in a case that will probably move forward by the district attorney. likely a manslaughter charge. the homicide determination is key to that. it's called the manner of death in the criminal justice. manner of death involves things like suicide, accident, natural causes, or homicide. the next question is the legal question of murder or manslaughter on a state level. on a federal level, possible civil rights violation. >> i'll quote what they said in
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the statement, we believe, however, that if he had not assisted the lawful order of the police officers placing him under arrest this would not have occurred. you have seen the video. does it look like garner was resisting arrest? >> no. i see his actions in total. he's not disrespectful to the officers. he's frustrated because he is being overpoliceed. he sells a cigarette for 50 cents. it's not marijuana cigarette. it's a cigarette. so what could possibly be the bail for that, $2? he's not going to spend any time in jail. why does he have to be dragged to the precinct. they their know who he is. so it's either a citation, summons. it's not physically dragging
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someone down there that they will have to make bail on. the whole premise has to be looked at on offenses like that. so that's the beginning. but, you know, this is a gross injustice to mr. garner. unless the district attorney addresses it swiftly, i mean, for all of us, we lose our justice. >> yeah. >> so we need to have it moved on by the district attorney or the united states attorney swiftly. i think the facts are in, alex. the video is there. the medical examiner's report. there is no mystery here. now it's decision time for the prosecutors. >> i'm curious, jim. have you ever seen anything like this before? did you ever have an experience like this? >> i have had to fight suspects. i've had to wrestle with them, strike them. i've been attacked by suspects. i've been in a couple of shootouts. the secret with police, you have to act with respect for all. even the most vicious person you have to respect.
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i remember being on the phone with david karesh and agents saying, how can you talk to that guy when he just killed four of our men. it's not easy, but it's the reason we carry a badge. we have to be different than everyone else. we have to take everyone's life, even a person we have strong feelings about, even a person who may resist us, we can't take the extra step. we have to be restrained. >> okay. jim kavanaugh, thanks for your words. appreciate it. thanks, alex. the sticking points to end the mideast crisis as another cease-fire falls apart and more people die. later today i sit down with chief palestinian negotiator at 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. look at what both sides want, coming up. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs.
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today gaza a grim milestone. the death toll surpassed 1650, according to health officials. another 9,000 wounded. united nations says a quarter million palestinians have been displaced by the conflict with israel and are taking shelter in the u.n.'s 90 facilities throughout gaza. joining me is nbc's amon. at this point we were supposed to be 24 hours into a cease-fire. that is anything but the case now. what are you seeing on the ground? >> we are now in the 27th day of this war. the death toll sur passing the war in 2008, one of the deadliest in the region. no doubt about it. the situation continues to get worse. israel says two of its soldiers were killed. another was abducted.
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the question is whether or not he is even alive, alex. israel's unrelenting fire power reigning down on gaza, hitting more than 200 targets overnight, and destroying one of gaza's a main universities. it followed israel's punishing day-long shelling of rafa and gaza, killing 150 palestinians, injuring hundreds more. hamasan health officials are calling it a massacre. israel says it was a rescue operation, trying to find lieutenant golden. they believe he was abducted inside gaza. hamas has been using a network of tunnels like this one shown by the israeli military just before they blew it up. the tunnels have proven to be lethal in their fight against advancing troops.
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but in on anline estimate the military wing says the soldier was probably killed. still, the soldier's father held out hope saying we are certainly israel defense force will not stop until they have turned every stone and brought hadar home. golden's capture would be a night more for israel and strategic victory for hamas, which in the past exchanged a soldier for palestinian prisoners. it led to a sharp escalation and a lethal blow to a three-day cease-fire that lasted less than three hours. despite the sharp rise in power, palestinians are prepared to head to cairo and participate in negotiations to try and reach a comprehensive cease-fire. the egyptians say time is being lost. right now the question is whether or not israel is prepared to accepted that delegation from their side to attend these talks. we expect the decision from the
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israeli government at some point either tonight or early tomorrow morning. alex? >> amon, i'm curious where you are there right now. has that place been bombed out? it does not look like a thriving community behind you >> reporter: it is not. that is the refugee camp. it has had several shells land over the course of the conflict. one of the most notorious was when 10 children were killed in a strike that they blame on israel. the israeli military said that was the result of an errant rocket. in addition to that, it is the neighborhood where the house of the former prime minister and top leader, that, too, was destroyed. in addition to that, several other targets have been hit there. it has had a lot of casualties throughout the war. it is a neighborhood on the front lines of this ongoing conflict. >> thank you so much. well, right now one of two
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americans infected with ebola virus is on a plane to receive desperately needed treatment. but it is spreading fear throughout the u.s. doctors tried to reassure the public that their fears are unwarranted. >> we do not believe any health care worker, any other patient or any visitor to our facility is any way at risk of afiring this infection. >> dr. nancy, i'm glad you're here. you have talked about this multiple times this week as the story has made front page news. what are the chances the virus could spread? >> i would say zero to none. this is why. this patient has been assessed in liberia. has been found to be stable. is being transferred on a special plane with a special staff, in a special containment unit in barrier suits and will go in a military kind of transit
4:19 am
to a military kind of hand-off straight to emery to a special kind of isolation room. this patient will not have any human contact with any person in any part of this procedure. that's important. the only way someone can get infected is with direct contact to vomit, diarrhea or blood, and that is not going to happen. once this patient gets well, it's game over. this is not an infectious virus. can't be spread through the air, which means other people at the university and the public, they are safe. >> and people will be concerned about anybody traveling from one of these four west africa an nations. say you're on a plane. the chances of picking it up is what? >> well, it is not spread through public contact. if someone had a massive outbreak of diarrhea near you,
4:20 am
we do not know how the virus can be alive in a dry state. but people are being carefully screamed at the point of demarkation. anyone who has a fever, looks sick, aches and pains, is not getting on planes. and the cdc has over 20 screening areas of plates inside the united states to look for patience who look ill. and any captain of an airplane has the right to deny a patient access to a plane. and the united states has the right to deny entry to anybody who is arriving and looking sick. now, routine screening with checking fever and stuff doesn't make sense because it's just not going to pick people up. most people are routinely self-screening. the chance of this turning into a hot zone jumps from person to person is just one of those outside ideas and not very plausible. >> just for clarification, someone were cough next to you -- >> not going to happen.
4:21 am
>> not going to happen? >> not going to happen. >> and you're only contagious if you are showing signs of the virus, not proceeding that. >> right. if you're in an incubation period, you are not infectious. you are only infectious if you are showing signs and only if someone comes into direct contact with any of your bodily fluids. >> okay. >> believe me, patients with ebola look sick, they look like something is wrong. you're not going to be near someone like that. >> thank you, dr. nancy. headed for the exits. why all could signify nothing. >> breakfast of champions. which are kicking cereal down the totem pole. an intense first week of testimony against bob mcdonnell. mcdoable and wife maureen are accused of conspireing to pull political strings for a wealthy businessman in exchange for money and gifts. that's just the beginning of the salacious details.
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downy infusions and unstopables. wash in the wow. three big money headlines. cereal killer. joining me to break it all down, gentlemen gina lewis. let's start with the headline analysts didn't see coming. unemployment numbers headed in the wrong direction. let's talk interpretation. how do you read it? >> we added 210,000 jobs. short of that. but it is the sixth month of more than 200,000 jobs. light uptick to 2.6%. that is perceived as potentially good news because it's on a bigger base. when you say that you are unemployed it's because you want
4:26 am
in on the action. that is that the all important participation rate. the more they are building equity, savings and overall purchasing power. burger king. little menu tweaks. >> they have a 33-year-old ceo. he was wise enough to say i'm going to work behind the scenes for lunch hour and see how it plays out. he thought it was complicated. have it your way can eat into margins when there's a different bun for everything. you look at the board and your head spins. so they simplified some of the menu options. they threw bacon on a whopper. it improved margins. it is important for a franchise business of their stores. only 52 are company owned.
4:27 am
the other 14,000 are franchises. franchisees like to make a profit. >> you think? >> this is making them profitable. cereal makers are in trouble? >> consumer consumption has changed. >> kellogg's reporting 16% down. largely driven by consumption changing. people are opting for greek yogurt, egg sandwiches. no shortages of places to go for egg sandwiches. it is a treat. so kids will have it after school. sometimes adults will have it like they would a bowl of ice cream. they are going for knnostalgic favorites like tpraot loops. froot loops. the one issue that stands to
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4:32 am
the fact, crews recovered more human remains. the site had been off-limits because of the fighting between ukrainian troops and pro-russian rebels. colorado began issuing driver's licenses to people living in the country illegally. they must show a form of id and proof of residency. breast feeding rates continue to rise. nearly 8 in 10 u.s. newborns are breast fed for at least some time. highest rates in the western u.s. a power outage for passengers on board a roller coaster at a new jersey amusement park. customers had to literally walk down the ride after their ride got stuck yesterday. no one was hurt. and those are your fast five headlines. today in gaza, a grim milestone. 1650 palestinians have now been killed in the three and a half
4:33 am
week long conflict with israel. 9,000 wounded. israelis, three civilians have been killed and 63 soldiers have died in combat. that number may be growing. hamas says if golden was captured, he was likely killed in an israeli air strike. troops have to send in a search for the officer while an area bottom boardment pounds the town. ambassador, nice to see you as always. these are proven to be fragile at the very least. does either side want to deal at this hour? >> well, it's hard to say, alex. after the capture of the soldier, the israelis are in no mood to believe that hamas or anyone in gaza that speaks for hamas hosni credibility.
4:34 am
the egyptians condemned hamas. look, you're going to need credibility in order to maintain a cease-fire. it is the hamas military wing run by a sort of a legendary terrorist. it is unclear from anybody who is dealing with this negotiation as any real control over what the military wing is doing. >> each side of course has its set of demands. they tell to destroy all the underground tunnels. they want to cripple hamas's military. now, if this soldier was captured, they want him released. how many of these are realistic?
4:35 am
>> the least realistic is demilitaryizing hamas without a pheupblg invasion by israel. the israelis are toying around with some international formula that would force them to remilitaryize. hamas basically started this conflict because it had a zero sum option game and it felt that it had to in effect unleash this torrent of missiles against israel and resulted in this israeli excursion. what is more likely here is some sort of a connotation when the dust settles that would permit the authority under president abbas to incement alley relieve some of the plight that the poor palestinian people are facing under hamas and perhaps in the end enable the egyptians, israelis and palestinian authority to sew and circle that it has to walk back from the place it's at right now.
4:36 am
>> hamas's demands, here they are. they want the block aids to stop. >> well, there's no way they are in a mood to give anything right now. i think what is more likely than not, once the israelis take a good hard look at what's going on, they will try to reach some with the egyptians and with the palestinian authority and not with hamas in order not to provide hamas any street credit right now. alex, as you and i have talked before, before this conflict began, if an election had been held as scheduled between the authorities and hamas, hamas likely would have lost the election in gaza. that's how bad the political standing had deteriorated among
4:37 am
the people inside palestinian gaza. >> is there truly compromise when you have a group like hamas which stated many times in the past they don't even acknowledge israel's right to exist. if that is an under current, has that position changed for hamas? anyone who believes hamas and israel can negotiate, i have the brooklyn bridge i would like to sell them. there is no way on god's green earth, other than what it stated decades ago, maybe a 20-year truce. they understand as long as hamas is in control of the gaza strip, it is not going to be able to reach an kaopldation on a palestinian state. so in the end the question really here is will the israelis go back to reexamining what they didn't do with president a pass,
4:38 am
to resume the negotiations. ironically here, alex, there is a chance, a a small chance that the government, if it is able to deny hamas the victory that it so desperately wants, that it may be able to reempower president abbas, who is standing inside palestine is much worse right now in appreciate the conversation. thank you. >> sure. to washington. fireworks erupting over the border crisis. the republican-led house passing controversial legislation last night before lawmakers departed for their summer recess. >> in other words, mr. speaker, we will put a handcuff on one of the president's hands. >> is it not true that this bill is destined for a veto, will not be passed in the senate, and in essence we are here passing a bill that has no future. if i -- >> it is not recognized.
4:39 am
>> the rule of law is not being enforced in america. third world countries protect their borders better than the united states. >> what does this bill do? deports the dreamers. this is bad policy. it's an outrageous bill. it is being done in the worst possible process. >> what it will do is to tie the president's hands as to future executive actions that he might take to expand amnesty for illegal spwrapbts into this country. >> so two bills passed by the house would provide emergency funding to deal with the crisis, speed up deportations for most border crossers and deciding whether to deport certain immigrants. aaron, with a good morning to you, all that noise on the floor, will any of these bills, both of these, actually get passed into law or was it political theater? >> there's no chance these will
4:40 am
become law. republicans really knew that. this was not a happy moment for them. they tried to bring up similar bills thursday. they were rebuffed. they were nudged in that direction. it turned into a debacle. it is something president obama said he will veto. they are no longer in session for the next five weeks. this was really for republicans, for them to be able to say we need something. so where he takes the next step as some kind of executive action their argument will be, well, we passed something. he didn't like it. >> sure, republicans did something, aaron. once again, the gop seems to be at odds with itself in this debate. how much damage is the gop doing to its own party and are they paving a smoother road for democrats in the mid-terms? >> the party leaders have said
4:41 am
for a long time they want to get something done as far as comprehensive eupl tkpraeugz reform. a constant group of a few dozen that prevented them from moving in that direction the. the party as a whole is not certain what it wants to do. it is worried about any kind of legalization, much less citizenship. for a party that after the 2012 election, knew it lost the latino vote, they haven't come anywhere as far as how they are going to move forward on what is a very significant question given the fast rise in population that is the latino community. >> i want to look at the second bill. the paper stkraoeubts as more aggressive proposal backed by conservatives that would curtail obama administration program that provides protection toss 5,000 immigrants brought to this country as children. democrats blast republicans for introducing legislation saying it would unfairly target hundreds of thousands of law-abiding children and their parents.
4:42 am
what do you expect the president to do in response? what kind of options does he have? >> well with, the whose signaled they're looking at some kind of, you know, more deferred the deportations. the earlier version from 2012 affected young illegal immigrants. the new version would potentially impact the illegal immigrants who have u.s. citizen children in this country right now. it could affect as many as 5 million of the illegal immigrants, about 10 times as many as the initial one did the. so we are looking at a very significant potential expansion of the deferred deportations that we saw two years ago. and i would expect that to be even more significant ratcheting up of rhetoric and political debate. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> why the fine print is actual live positive. hey. i'm ted and this is rudy.
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in this country looked like it was reaching towards success, 6.2%, 209,000 jobs added. the president highlighting some of the positives in the economy. >> companies are investing, consumers are spending, american manufacturing new york, technology, autos are booming. we have record and gone further from a recession than any other advanced country on earth. joining me is jared bernstein as always, a big welcome to you, jared. as you heard the president, he seems unfazed by the light uptick in unemployment. how about you? >> somewhat similarly unfazed. the unemployment rate will bounce around from month to
4:47 am
month. you have to look at the longer term trend. we have talked about how sometimes the unemployment rate has fallen in recent years because people gave up looking for work. that has not been the case since a year ago. more people are coming into the job market and getting jobs. that didn't happen last month, so it ticked up a tenth. it is at least a moderate pace. >> how about wall street's response to the jobs number and interest rates could rise at the close. all the major indexes were down. can you get a read on the minds of investors? >> i think we are moving towards that kind of unusual position where what's good for main street is viewed not as good for
4:48 am
wall street. as i said, we have a moderate slightly accelerated pace of job growth. so wall street is beginning to worry that the federal reserve is going to pull back its support for the economy. they are worried that the fed is going to put on the brakes. >> two areas here that seem to be cutting jobs, retail and tech companies. target announcing layoffs in january. family dollar told about cuts in april. and microsoft announcing this last month to cut its head count by a whopping 18,000. what's your read on that? >> you know, i think both of those, especially the retail, has to do with a soft spot in the jobs report and in the broader economy. that's wage growth. retail depends on consumer paychecks. wages have been a key missing ingredient from the economy for many working people.
4:49 am
the pace of hourly wage growth is about 2% year over year. and that's about the pace of inflation. so that means pretty stagnant earnings. we have had hours of work. also pretty flat in recent weeks. so paychecks are not growing quickly enough for most people. and that can be a drag on an economy where consumption is such a large part. >> i want to get your reaction to the the bankruptcy debacle, the second default in 13 years. how have you seen this affecting the global markets. and how is it going to affect our market and affect america's bottom line. >> well, i don't think it is going to be a big story for our market. i think it will hurt the argentinean economy because it makes it that much harder for them to get credit. credit is the life blood for the more emerging type of economies. it's not a good thing but a small story for us. >> okay. jared bernstein, thank you much, as always. >> thanks, alex.
4:50 am
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on the road again. 532 days before the new hampshire primary. new jersey governor chris christie spoke in the granite state this week. following a swing state swing out west earlier last month and there are more trips on the h horiz horizon, so is he getting an early start on 2016? joining me is the new jersey correspondent for "the wall street journal" who covered the event in new hampshire. good to see you. the governor was in new hampshire to stump for the gubernatorial candidate. did all this look like a campaign stop to you? >> he's been to new hampshire now twice in two months so you can read between the lines there. his aides say this is his role as chair of the republican governors association, his job is to go around the country and support republican candidates. what's interesting here is that new hampshire hasn't decided on a republican candidate for governor yet.
4:54 am
they have a primary in september. it's very late. so he's up very early in this very important state for him if he does run in 2016. and is introducing himself. he's going to fund-raisers. he's making himself known and testing the waters, so it does appear to be serving dual purposes. >> you've been logging the frequent flyer miles because you've been following the governor. he was in iowa, colorado and illinois earlier in july and he'll be in kansas and oklahoma a few weeks from now and then south carolina in september. can you get a read on this? how much is the focus of his role being the chairman of the republican governors association and how much do you think he's testing the waters for 2016? >> again, i think he's doing both. the republican candidates that he's campaigning for will say that they really appreciate that he's there. he helps bring them attention and name identification for some of those that may be trailing a little bit and he also helps bring a lot of money and awareness. but this is obviously good for him. it gets him out of new jersey.
4:55 am
it gets him in a more national perspective. he has to face national reporters. national questions about foreign policy. >> yeah. >> and domestic affairs so this is, you know, had helpful for him moving on. >> there's a national poll with numbers to go through and in these numbers it has the governor ten points behind hillary clinton in any potential 2016 election. you and i were talking during the commercial break. tell us how he's playing with the crowds there. >> one thing i will say in new hampshire they really love it that they're the first primary state and they say the field -- talking to activists there the field is very open, so they do like christie but they also like others. they like rubio. they like paul. they're keeping neutral at this point. but, you know, people know christie. he's a northeast republican so in a place like new hampshire he's very familiar so they're open to him but they're not making any calls yet. >> let's look back home because the governor is facing a $1.78 billion shortfall. the democrats want tax increases on the rich but the governor instead chose to cut the payments to the pension plans. this was unforeseen, right?
4:56 am
this new jersey budget at this point? >> yeah. so much attention has been played on the bridge scandal, but economy is really an issue that could be for conservatives could really hurt the governor. he had to quickly close an unforeseen $1 billion budget cap and did that by scaling back pension payments. now he's on this whole no page, no gain -- >> right. >> -- tour at the shore. he's saying that public workers have to make more sacrifices to their pension benefits. >> he says nobody wants to do that i want to quote here because that's one way to get people really angry at you, but that's what's going to happen. the legislature is unable to do it and if that doesn't happen new jersey will be detroit. >> he's talking about the detroit reference quite a bit. it's a way for him to look strong and aggressive again which is really what helped give him a national reputation on pension and benefits and he's trying to do it again and i think it will get a good response from some conservatives. >> thanks so much. >> thanks so much.
4:57 am
that's a wrap of this hour with "weekends with alex witt." i'll be speak iing speaking bl israeli conflict. in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny. we've created tax free zones throughout the state. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at
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late night of voting in the house and now the fallout. good morning and thanks for getting up early with us on this the first saturday of the month of august 2014. there was lots of activity in gaza overnight in its military conflict with israel, we'll get all the details on that in just a bit. but first we begin with a drama left off late last night in the rare friday night session with the u.s. house of representatives with an extra day of work and extra night of work for members in the house after republicans had failed on thursday to pass their own plan to deal with theor


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